Saturday 23 Jul 2016
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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Eye Center

Thank you for visiting Rocky Mountain Eye Center - Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico's most comprehensive family eye care center.

Rocky Mountain Eye Center's current, eight board certified ophthalmologists diagnose, treat and help to prevent diseases of the eye. Rocky Mountain Eye Center's ophthalmologists complete annual eye examinations, perform surgical procedures, assist in specific areas of eye care and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses. Rocky Mountain Eye Center is Southeastern Colorado's only LASIK surgery center. Rocky Mountain Eye Center's optometrists are available to assist with your family's optometric needs. Rocky Mountain Eye Center's trained optical staff provides assistance with the variety of eye care products available at any one of our optical shops.

Our doctors treat eye diseases such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration along with other common or unique eye conditions. Other common eye conditions and diseases that our doctors treat regularly include dry eye syndrome, corneal and external disease, vitreoretinal disease, pediatric ophthalmology and oculoplastic conditions.

At Rocky Mountain Eye Center, we are here to provide the best possible care in a patient-centered environment. As a practice, our doctors have committed substantial resources to stay abreast of and utilize the latest technology to help you to see better. As you browse through our web site, we hope you will become acquainted with the complete range of services that we offer. Rocky Mountain Eye Center appreciates the fact that you are considering us for all of your family's personal eye care needs. If you have questions or concerns, we would be happy to talk with you.

As a convenience to our patients, Rocky Mountain Eye Center has offices in various locations throughout Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Thank you for choosing Rocky Mountain Eye Center.



July Eye Observance

Protect your precious eyes on the 4thProtect your precious eyes on the 4th

July is "Fireworks Eye Safety" Month

Thousands of accidents each year tell us that fireworks are dangerous. The typical victim is a teenager, at home, unsupervised, with a group of friends. Playing with fireworks, the chances are great that one of them will end up in the emergency room with an injury to the head, eyes or hand. Injuring an eye or losing a finger is a tragic price to pay for a few minutes of fun with fireworks.

As many as 400 Americans lose vision in one or both eyes due to firework injuries. The risk of losing an eye is not worth the excitement of setting off fireworks.

Although illegal fireworks, bottle rockets and roman candles account for the majority of injuries, seemingly harmless sparklers also cause numerous injuries each year. Sparklers account for the most injuries to children under the age of five. Fascinated by the bright sparks, children find these sticks of fire (burning as hot as 1,800 degrees, hot enough to melt gold) irresistible to touch.

Eye health care is provided by the three "O's" -opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. It is the ophthalmologist, or Eye M.D., who can treat it all; eye diseases, eye injuries and perform eye surgery.

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Educational Info.


The EyeSmart website is an educational site sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology


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